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Contract growing is the process of custom ordering plants in advance. We plant, nurture, and grow those plants for you. Various crops can be requested including annual plants, custom hanging baskets, vegetable starts, and much more!

As a facility dedicated to growing local crops even in the cold of winter, we deal with a very high volume of quality plants. We understand that it can be tough to find enough quality plants for large projects. That is why at Gemmell’s we provide the service of planning, growing, and delivering high quality plants for even your biggest projects. Contract growing allows us to start planning and growing early so that you don’t have to worry about it all last minute!

Contract growing requires sufficient volume of plants, knowledge of the required crop (we can help with this!), a target delivery date, and a sufficient period of time for us to be able to produce top quality plants. Typically contract growing requires six to eight months of pre-planning.

At Gemmell’s, we're here to help. All we need from you are 3 things to custom grow your crops:

Variety Selection: Each plant has a different crop-time, proper environment, and pot requirements that vary from start to finish, so we need to know which plants suit your needs to start planning early. But don’t worry! All we need from you is your choice of variety, which we also help with to make the process as easy and painless as possible.
Target Week: Everything we grow is strategically timed week by week. Since each crop has a different maturing time, we use our plant expertise to work backwards from that target week to determine the exact week to start the required plant. Although most crops take 12-16 weeks to produce, some can be much longer, and some can be shorter. In addition to the growing time, we require sufficient time to source the seeds/cuttings and arrange the proper containers.
Quantities: Before beginning the growing process we also need to know how many plants we will be growing! Contract growing requires a larger volume of crops, as everything is custom grown. Seeding, transplanting, toning, and every other step of the process is customized to be able to produce large volumes of plants. This large volume is necessary for contract growing to be economically viable for us and for you.
Once all these factors are established, we create a custom quote and price each project independently depending on all the factors.

Some examples of our past contract growing projects are:

  • Hanging baskets and planters for Smiths Falls downtown
  • Private residence plants for personal gardeners
  • Hanging baskets for third party auctions

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