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Posted Feb 11th, 2017 in Plant Love, The Basics, Summer Gardening, Spring Gardening, Top 10 Series

In the anticipation of Spring, we've gathered our top 10 picks of the best shrubs for your garden. These are our favourite picks for hardiness, reliability, long flowering and disease resistant shrubs and all of our beautiful picks could easily take centre stage in your garden this coming season. Added gardening bonus: they all come with the benefit of being low maintenance and easy to care for.  

Top 10 Best Low Maintenance Shrubs for your Garden

Best Shrubs for Your Garden

1. Amethyst Coral berry Symphoricarpos x Doorenbosii 2. Common  Lilac Syringa Vulgaris 3. Hydrangea Bobo Hydrangea Paniculata 4. Summer sweet  ‘Hummingbird’ Plethora Alnifolia 5. Serviceberry Amelanchier Canadensis 6. Barberry ‘Concord’  Berbers Thunbergii 7. Beauty Bush Dream Catcher Kolkwitzia Amabilis 8. High bush Cranberry Viburnum 'trillium’ 9. Spirea Neon Flash Spiraea Japonica 10. Weigela 'Wine and Roses’  Weigela Florida


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