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Whether you are just starting out, and dipping your toes in for the first time, or you've been gardening for years our Garden Journal has something for you. Pull up a chair and a cup of tea and read on for practical tips and expert advice on everything gardening.

Novice gardener, or just starting out? Read on for our expert advice.

The Basics

Novice gardener or just starting out? From dead heading to pruning and everything in between, read on for our expert advice.
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Garden Design | Gemmell's Garden Centre  | Ottawa Gardening Blog

Garden Design

Every beautiful garden starts with a good basic design. If you're planning a new garden then let us help you make the right choice the first time. 
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For the Love of Food

Garden to table recipes, patio veggie gardens and more! We have the tips and inspiration on how to get the most out of your food gardening.
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Caring for House Plants | Ottawa Garden Blog

House Plants

Houseplants bring life to our indoor spaces. With funky foliage and the ability to clean the air, tropicals are the perfect choice for all gardeners.
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With our tips you'll enjoy walking barefoot in the grass on your beautiful lawn

Lawn Care

Want to learn the best tips and tricks for growing a strong and healthy lawn?  Our lawn experts can give you helpful advice for everything you need to be successful.
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Winter Gardening Tips from Gemmell's Garden Centre

Winter Gardening

Keep your green thumb happy with our winter gardening tips, hardy winter urns and creative holiday wreath and centrepiece workshops.
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Spring Gardening

Spring has sprung and Gemmell's has all the helpful tips and advice to help you get your garden off to a stunning start right from the beginning.
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Summer Gardening

Our Gemmell's experts have gathered their best tips, advice and smart solutions to keep your garden vibrant and lush all season long.
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Autumn Gardening

Summer may be winding down but there's still much to do in the Fall, both to prepare for the cold Ontario winter and for next spring, too.
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Holiday Plants Care Guides

Seasonal Holiday Plants

From Birthdays to Christmas, holidays are filled with plant lovers giving their loved ones and friends plants as gifts. Our guides are here to help you care for your new plants. Read on for our expert advice.
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