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New 17-5-17 Ratio | Recently the ratios for the N-P-K have significantly changed in fertilizer. Read on to discover why we have embraced this new way of thinking in horticulture and are helping our environment, with this high micronutrient, water soluble fertilizer, as well.

Ratios for the N-P-K ( nitrogen-phosphorous- potassium) have changed significantly so we thought we would explain why we have embraced this new way of thinking in horticulture.

For years, it was 20-20-20 or 15-30-15 in fertilizers (think Miracle Gro) but research has found that we have been using far too much phosphorous in our gardens without enough micronutrients. High levels of phosphorous inhibit the uptake of micronutrients (iron,maganese, copper), killing off the beneficial micro organisms in the soil. Phosphorous is also to blame for the algae blooms in our lakes and rivers. Here at Gemmell's we have been using a 17-5-17 water soluble fertilizer with high micronutrients on all our plants for a couple of years but were unable to purchase it for our retail customers.

We are pleased to say, we now have it available for our customers for their gardening needs and they are loving it.

Doing our part for plants, our waterways and the environment in Ottawa and beyond. 

A customer's response to our fertilizer...

  • Thank you for creating a plant food that helps me and my friends keep the beauty of our baskets througout the season. I started using your magical potion after purchasing my baskets at Gemmell's this year...My girlfriends were so impressed at my hanging baskets they all wanted to know the secret...I said "it's a Gemmell's recipe" the ladies at the nursery suggested using it, it's truly magic! So now I show up at a girl's evening with your plant food and a bottle of wine as a hostess gift...it is very well received!!! We are excited for next years larger tub size! Warm regards.
    -Sonia P