Introducing the Gemmell's Victorian Planter Workshop!

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Introducing the Gemmell's Victorian Planter Workshop!

Create your own elegant Victorian-style planter, and learn how to keep it looking lovely all summer long with the Victorian Planter Workshop at Gemmell's Garden Centre in Smiths Falls.

While we humans have been gardening since time immemorial, it was during the Victorian Era that it became widely (and wildly!) popular for the first time, due in large part to new gardening technologies, more diverse plant stocks, and the rise of the middle class and urban gardening.

The Gemmell's Victorian Planter Workshop takes inspiration for the elegant but natural floral designs of this period, and guides participants in the creation of their own Victorian-style planters. We'll show you how to plant your container garden just like a Victorian would, using Victorian-inspired designs, and plants and flowers that were popular at the time.

Interested in taking part in this fun and interactive workshop at our Smiths Falls Location? Click the link below to secure your spot!

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