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Growing your own vegetables, fruits and herbs is possible no matter your space. Be it a large backyard garden or a container garden on your front porch, balcony or patio, we have some great edible gardening tips so you can enjoy fresh homegrown food from your very own garden in the Ottawa Valley.

Studies show that in the last year the largest growth industry in gardening has been the sales of seeds, vegetables, fruit trees, and berry bushes. Many feel that this is in direct relation to our economic times, which may hold true because let's be honest - who doesn't want to save money on their grocery bill? That being said, for anyone who has grown their own food, or been the recipient of a fresh basket of tomatoes or cucumbers from your neighbours garden, we know it just simply tastes better! If you’ve never tried growing your own fruits, vegetables or herbs, start simple with a patio tomato and some fresh basil in a planter. 

Edible Gardening Tips for Homegrown Fresh Fruits, Vegetables & Herbs
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Key Factors & Tips for a Successful Fruit, Vegetable & Herb Garden:

  • Good Light: at least 6 hrs of sunshine a day. Be sure to place your garden, or patio container, in an area where the sun is abundant.
  • Rich Soil: loamy, well-drained soil with lots of composted manure is important.
  • Good Air Circulation: don’t plant your vegetables too close together. The better the air movement the less chance of disease, powdery mildews and blights. 
  • Fertilize: whether you are organic or not, fertilizing your vegetable and fruit plants regularly helps to increase the crop yields and promote healthy strong plants.
  • Water: regular watering promotes deep root systems and healthier plants.

Be sure to stock up as problems can come on quickly so it is important to have a well stocked Garden Shed

  1. Stakes, twine, twist ties help keep plants upright and reduce the risk of branches breaking when fruit & vegetables gets heavy. 
  2. Insecticidal Soap is a great eco friendly pest control and a gardeners best friend in the height of the summer.
  3. Sulphur is your best defence against leaf diseases, powdery mildew and blights, which come on quickly in hot humid weather.
  4. Fertilizer: there are several different ways to feed your plants. Always have on hand fertilizers that are geared towards vegetables, fruit or tomatoes specifically. Organic conscience growers should have seaweed/kelp based natural fertilizers as well as bone meal and bloodmeal.

There have always been countless reasons to grow some of your own food: to be more self-sufficient; to teach your children the powerful & joyful skill of gardening, to save money, or to simply dig into a fresh salad whenever your heart desires. Whatever your reason, you can’t get more local than your own backyard!

Join us and grow something edible this summer.



Edible Gardening Tips for Homegrown Fresh Fruits, Vegetables & Herbs

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