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Posted May 17th, 2017 in Plant Love, Green Living, The Basics, Summer Gardening, Spring Gardening

Trees provide shade, reduce carbon dioxide, and provide homes for birds and small animals. They can hold a tire swing or be the perfect place to have a picnic or a quiet place to read on a summer afternoon. Read on to discover why you should invest in a tree.

For the Love of Trees | Reading Under a Tree

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Trees are Often Taken for Granted 

We have all stepped under a mature tree to get shade from the scorching summer sun or protection from the rain but have you ever wondered who planted that tree? What was their reason? For beauty, in memory of someone, for shade, as an investment in our future?

Across the country garden centres and growers are finding a significant reduction in people buying and planting trees. Some people find trees harder to get home in the back of their fuel efficient cars or have difficulty with the additional work involved in planting the tree. Many people are gardening in the moment, enjoying it's the instant gratification that annuals and hanging baskets give to a property. As trees take a few years to really start to grow, they don't offer the instant gratification but waiting for the tree to age and grow its roots is worth it and you will be rewarded for your extra care, patience and time.

Just a Few of the Many Benefits of Trees

Did you know that the temperature difference between standing in the sun and under the shade of a tree can average 27.5 degrees less? Trees Forever did a study in Iowa and found that temperature variations can range from a 35 degree difference in a parking lot to a 14 degree difference on a lawn. Trees not only provide shade, they reduce carbon dioxide, provide homes for birds, and small animals. They can hold a tire swing, or be the perfect place to have a picnic or a quiet place to read on a summer afternoon. Here are just a few of the reasons, courtesy of Tree Canada, why we champion the people who purchase & care for their trees.

Swinging on a Tire Swing | For the Love of Trees

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Tree Canada Facts:

Next time you are visiting a garden centre, take a minute to walk through the tree section and look at all the beautiful varieties that are available. Which one would you pick as your gift to the future?

  • For in the true nature of things, if we rightly consider, every green tree is far more glorious than if it were made of gold and silver.
    Martin Luther

If purchasing a tree of your own isn't in the cards but you would still like to help, please consider a donation to Tree Canada's 10,000 Tree Challenge

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