Hooray for Hostas | Drought Tolerant, Shade Loving & Gorgeous All Summer Long

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Hostas are one of our favourite perennials at Gemmells. They have a great function in any garden design as they are a perfect plant for edging along walkways, planting under tree canopies, and adding accent foliage to brighter coloured flowers.

Need a plant that grows in full or part shade, is drought tolerant, and stays tidy and gorgeous all summer long? Then you need a Hosta.

Unparalleled for their beautiful foliage from blue-grey to deep green, to bright chartreuse, they are the showboats in the garden from early spring to late fall when many turn a gorgeous yellow. With so many varieties to choose from (over 45 here at Gemmells) it’s hard to choose just one! Here are a few of our favourites:

Hosta of the Year ‘Earth Angel’

Large heart shaped, blue-green, pointed leaves with creamy white margins and pale lavender flowers.  Grows 30 -35″ tall.

Costa of the Year Earth Angel

Hosta ‘Striptease’

Leaves with a light yellowish center and very wide green edge are accented by a mysterious thin white strip dancing between the leafs center and margin. Grows 24″. Enjoys Full Sun to Full Shade.

Hosta Striptease enjoys full sun to full shade

Hosta ‘Fire & Ice’

A crisply variegated leaf with a deep green margin brightens the shade garden. Attractive planted between rocks or at garden’s edge. This hosta is a beautiful accent to white flowers or ferns. Grows 20″ tall.

Hosta Fire and Ice Grows 20

Slugs Love Hostas

Slugs love the cool and shady spots in the garden where Hostas thrive. There are eco friendly solutions for controlling slugs and one of the best is Diatomaceous Earth, which contains mineral deposits of diatoms. They are miniscule but razor sharp for slugs when ingested or crawled across. Another old trick is to place a dish of beer under the Hosta. Call it a Slug Bar if you wish but slugs climb in and never climb out! 

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