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Jazz up your decor, and your patio planter, with our beautiful Autumn line up of plants. Here are some of our favourites at Gemmell’s - your Ottawa Valley Gardening Centre. 

Beautiful Fall Planter Ideas for Your Porch

After a hot and dry summer our gardens are looking a little tired. Celebrate the cooler temperatures of Fall by creating a welcoming display on your front porch and patio.

Fall Mums

Mums are great in containers or gardens to fill in empty spaces in the late summer. We grow over 25,000 beautiful mums right here at our Smiths Falls location in a wide range of wonderful colours. Mums look great in a planter when mixed with fall coloured ornamental grasses and pansies. If you are looking for an instant wow then our giant mum patio planters are the simple perfect choice.


This season we have grown some really funky varieties of Kale. They are great in a planter mixed with sedums, mums, ornamental grasses and pansies. Kale is cold hardy and last right up until the snow flies. Make a decor statement in your neighbourhood this season with these cutting edge plants.

Millet and Grasses

These are fall staples in any planter mix. Millet is a strong upright centrepiece whose broad leaves are similar to corn with a burgundy blush to them. Thick dark brown seed heads add a dramatic effect and the grasses add a softness and texture to container plantings. Annual Grass ‘Red Riding Hood’ is an Autumn favourite here with its burgundy colour and soft tufted seed heads. Perennials grasses can be used into containers as well then later planted into the garden for the next season.


Romantic and whimsical, Asters are a stunning plant in the Fall landscape or in planters. They are a perennial that is covered in small daisy like flowers that last from late August until the end of September. The most popular colour of Fall asters is the purple which looks great in combinations with purple kale and lavender mums.

Pansies ‘Winter Survivor’    

The sweet faces of cool loving pansies make a triumphant return to the fall landscape. Notably used in spring before annuals can be planted out, Pansies are also an excellent choice for Autumn. Free blooming, they last right up until frost and if planted in the garden will rebloom in the spring! They come in Fall shades of oranges, burgundy and yellows or deep purples, soft blues and white and will make a beautiful addition in your favourite planter.

Natural Elements

Don't forget to incorporate nature on your porch and patio! Traditional favourites like pumpkins, gourds, berries and apples, as well as bales of hay and corn stalks, will add visual interest. If you don't have a traditional planter look around your home and get creative! An old wagon, galvanized tub or copper bucket, or a rustic wooden apple basket are just a few ideas that can create a visually stunning display on your porch or garden with an emphasis on natural elements. With pumpkins available in orange, white and dreamy blue, you colour scheme is totally up to you. 

  • Have fun, get creative and enjoy making your fall planters and decor reflective of you and your style!
    - Natalie