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Posted Jun 11th, 2018 in Garden Design, Plant Love, Spring Gardening, Summer Gardening, The Basics

Enjoy beautiful, low maintenance and easy to grow summer-blooming shrubs in your garden this summer. Here are our picks for the best flowering shrubs for your garden. 


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Why You Should Plant Another Shrub This Season

Shrubs are the bones of every garden as they give structure and fill spaces, and many gardeners are moving towards more shrub plantings because of their beauty and easy care. The art of landscaping with shrubs is making sure you understand the light requirements of your garden and respecting the size that the plants will eventually grow to. Full sun shrubs will not grow in shade, additionally, you cannot force a 5 – 6 ft shrub to be only 3 ft, it is just not possible. 

Which shrubs flower all summer?

This is the number one question we get at the garden centre and the honest answer is: none. There are some shrubs that bloom for a long time like potentilla and spireas and others that rebloom like dwarf lilacs and weigelas but nothing will bloom all summer except annuals. Try and choose shrubs that flower at different times throughout the season, there are so many shrubs to choose from, so you always have something to enjoy throughout the summer. Here are a few of my favourite choices for flowering shrubs this gardening season, in no particular order because I love them all!

Our Favourite Flowering Shrubs

Hydrangea Bobo Hydrangea Paniculata

Sweet little baby hydrangea is covered in huge white flowers mid-August. It turns pink as the cooler nights of fall approach .  Great for the front border and for small gardens. Tough and reliable. Named by one of our own staff! Grows 1m x 1m in full sun or part shade.

Serviceberry Amelanchier Canadensis

This is a must have native shrub! Covered in white flowers in spring, purple fruit that feeds the birds in summer  followed by brilliant red, orange and yellow leaves in fall. It is underused in landscape design. Grows 6m x 3m in sun or part shade 

Barberry ‘Concord’  Berberis thunbergii

Although we love all barberries  this is our favourite. Well behaved dwarf round shaped with velvety deep purple foliage. Tough, drought resistant and low maintenance. Great colour contrast in the garden. .Grows  40cm x 50cm in full sun

Summer Sweet  ‘Hummingbird’ Clethra Alnifolia

Long white candle like scented flowers mid summer  give off a beautiful scent. Great shrub for the shady garden. Unique! A must have for collectors Grows 70cm x 70cm in part shade Zone 3

Abelia Mosanensis

This old fashion shrub is not well known but a true princess in the garden.  White and pink blooms perfume the air with the scent of jasmine in late May early June. Elegant growth habit, attractive seed heads, and orange fall foliage.  What more could you ask for. Grows 1.5m x 1.5m in full sun. 

Elderberry Sambucus Canadensis

In the olden days it was believed that planting an elderberry bush near your home would ward away evil spirits. This large shrub should be planted in every garden if you have space. Green cut leaf foliage covered in beautiful white flat topped blossoms followed by edible berries that you can use in jelly or wine if the birds don’t get them first. Grows in shade 4m x 4m it’s a great privacy planting as well.

Since I cannot cover all my favourites in this article, these few are different and unique choices that many gardeners may not have considered. If you are looking to fill your garden with low maintenance beautiful things then consider planting more shrubs this season. I promise you will not be disappointed.

~ Kelly Heath
Retail Manager
Gemmell’s Garden Centre

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