Gemmell's Garden Centre provides Smiths Falls, Brockville and the surrounding community with a comprehensive range of quality plants, including annuals, perennials, seeds, bulbs, trees, shrubs, and much more! 

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Annuals, Smiths Falls Garden centre


We grow some of the most beautiful annuals you have ever seen in our own greenhouses. Annuals are an excellent way to have bountiful colour all season long. With over 450 varieties to choose from, all organized by colour, in our retail greenhouse you are guaranteed to find the perfect plant.

Perennials, Smiths Falls Garden Centre


We carry an extensive line of beautiful perennials from the tried & true favourites to the latest introductions. Our perennials are showcased by flower colour and light requirements making it easy for gardeners to design their spaces. We always have qualified staff available to help you make the right choice.

Fruit Trees & Bushes, Smiths Falls Garden Centre

Fruit Trees & Bushes

The sweet taste of summer! We carry a vast selection of Ontario grown hardy fruit trees and small fruit bushes. Browse our Market area where you can choose from an abundance of tasty treasures. from the good ol' fashion favourites to the newest varieties, it will be hard to choose just one!

Hanging Baskets & Planters, Smiths Falls Garden Centre

Hanging Baskets & Planters

Come browse what we are famous for! Our unique Victorian Hanging Baskets and Planters come in over 50 different combinations of colours to suit every gardener’s style. We also grow an extensive line of 10” and 12” hanging baskets that rival box store pricing with independent garden centre quality.

Lawn Care, Brockville Garden Centre

Lawn Care

Love your lawn again! Our lawn seed is made by General Seed Company from 100% Canadian grown seed with no fillers. Try our famous Enviro Eco Lawn variety that grows anywhere and everywhere. Problem with grubs or weeds? Come in and talk to one of our lawn experts who can help you get on the path to a green and healthy lawn.

Roses, Brockville Garden Centre


Coveted by gardeners for their timeless beauty and fragrance, roses are a classic in the garden. Our roses are brought in bare root from an Ontario supplier and then, to ensure the best quality plants, they are pruned and hand planted in our custom growing mix, and grown here at the garden centre. Our rose experts are always on hand to help!

Seeds & Bulbs, Brockville Garden Centre

Seeds & Bulbs

Interested in starting your own? We carry an extensive line of OSC and Aimer’s Organic seeds as well as a line of seeds to grow your very own sprouts. Seed starter kits, the perfect seeding soil, pots and trays are also available. In season, we carry only the best seed potatoes, onion sets, fall bulbs and garlic.

Trees & Shrubs, Smiths Falls Garden Centre

Trees & Shrubs

Here at Gemmell’s we pride ourselves in carrying only hardy trees, shrubs and evergreens that are grown both in Ontario and Quebec. Our beautifully landscaped nursery display area provides you with lots of ideas. Our team of horticultural experts are always on hand to assist you with designing a beautiful garden within your budget.

Houseplants, Brockville Garden Centre


Whether it's summer blooming, heat loving patio houseplants, funky succulents and air plants, or exotic foliage plants, we are the go to destinations for unique and beautiful tropicals. Hibiscus, mandevilla, banana, passion flower and more. Create an oasis in your own backyard, or home, this season with our extensive line of these on trend plants.

Vegetables & Herbs, Smiths Falls Garden Centre

Vegetables & Herbs

Join the Grow Your Own movement this season! We grow over 95 varieties of vegetables & herbs and our vegetable greenhouse is stuffed full of mouth watering herbs & delicious vegetable choices to fill your garden. Minimal space? We grow a variety of patio vegetables, edible hanging baskets and herb/vegetable that are available in season.