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Are you looking at your lawn in despair? Do you have dead patches that have appeared seemingly out of nowhere? You probably have grubs and the only effective method of eradicating grubs is nematodes.

Perfect for lawns in the Smiths Falls and Ottawa Valley Region.

See how to apply your nematodes.

Pre Order Your Fall Nematodes Now! Local Pick Up Only.

Lawn Guardian™ nematodes are a beneficial microscopic, natural predator that control lawn grubs, chafers, leatherjackets, and over 250 pest larvae. Pre-order your Fall nematodes today - all-natural, chemical-free and 100% safe  for children, pets, birds, fish, plants, and earthworms. 

What are Lawn Guardian™ Beneficial Nematodes?

The active ingredients are beneficial nematodes; these are microscopic worms that naturally occur in soil. Nematodes actively seek out pest hosts in wet soil and will kill the infested grub, or larva, using it as a breeding chamber to produce more nematodes, which will seek more pest larva to control. Nematodes travel through water particles beneath the surface of your lawn attacking pest larvae who are feasting on your lawn’s roots. Nematodes will die if they dry out or freeze.

Nematodes Facts:

  • 100% Safe for people, pets, plants and even earthworms.
  • Each package covers 300 m2 (3,000 sq ft).
  • Apply in the Spring and Fall when soil temperature is above 15 degrees.

Nematodes Facts:

  • Lawn Guardian controls the larva stage of June Bugs, Japanese Beetles, European Chafer the most common lawn grub pests.
  • Easy to apply with Hose End Sprayer, Watering Can or Pump Sprayer.
How much do I need?

10 million treats 185.8 sq. m (2,000 sq. ft.)
25 million treats 464.5 sq. m (5,000 sq. ft.)
50 million treats 929 sq. m (10,000 sq. ft.)
100 million treats 1,858.1 sq. m (20,000 sq. ft.)

Please read our post about Nematodes for additional tips, info and FAQ's.

Price: $29.99
Local Pick Up: Smiths Falls or Brockville Store - Please indicate which store you would like to pick up.

Important Information:

Nematodes must be refrigerated.
Nematodes have a 4 week shelf life.
Timely pick up is necessary.

Please Note:

*We will call when they arrive and it’s the proper time to apply them. Be sure not to delay picking them up as they only have a 4 week shelf life.
An application of lime and over seeding with a fescue grass mix will help restore your lawn to it’s former glory and help prevent further grub infestations.

Feel free to drop in if you have any questions that you need answered. We’re here to help!

Pre Orders must be placed by September 16th, 2017 for Fall delivery.

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